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Our first priority is always to minimize potential losses.

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About Commercial Relationship Recovery Inc.

Commercial Relationship Recovery (CR2) is not your typical recovery company.

CR2 recognizes that commercial customers in distress are not in default by choice. We possess the tools and negotiation skills necessary to locate customers who no longer respond to your staff’s collection efforts.

Our first priority is to minimize potential losses. Your customer’s livelihood is strongly dependent upon financed equipment. While a looming repossession is a strong motivator for your customer, it is still a lose-lose for all parties involved.

Repossession costs, legal expenses, transportation and remarketing costs, and equipment depreciation, combined with the loss of future business all compound losses. Unfortunately, these issues can impact future relationships with your dealer network and uncounted vendors.

Co-founders Joe Peters and Ted Bell bring more than 40 years of combined experience assisting Fortune 500 Creditors. CR2 will locate your customer and your equipment and then problem-solve to either negotiate a cure for your customer’s default or, as a last resort, facilitate the recovery of your collateral anywhere in the United States or Canada.